2013 Corporate Humor Award Winners

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Congratulations to the 2013 Corporate Humor Award Winners! We’ve shared the list of winners below, but check out the Full List to learn why each organization and individual was nominated or review the members of the humor committee.

Note: The winner is shown (with other finalists) in bold.

Organization Corporate Humor Awards

Humorous Beginnings Award (Best Onboarding Program)

Finalists: Intel, Ritz-Carlton, Zappos
Winner: Intel

Mary Kay: What an amazing way to introduce new employees to everyone else. Energizing for both new folks and current employees.


Learned Me Good Award (Best Training Event)

Finalists: Con-way Freight, EMC Corporation, Miami Children’s Hospital
Winner: Miami Children’s Hospital

Chip: Anything that helps better service those in real need deserves more than a pat on the back…they need real acknowledgement.


A Site to See Award (Best Website)

Finalists: Google, Last.fm, Mailchimp
Winner: Mailchimp

Mike: MailChimp makes generous use of humor throughout their branding. Their website consistently projects a light, friendly, approachable and playful tone.


Money Isn’t Everything Award  (Best Perk)

Finalists: Johnson & Johnson, PhotoBiz, Weebly
Winner: Weebly

Andrew: While it doesn’t seem like much, learning the trick to gaining access to a secret room immediately helps employees feel like part of the team. Plus it’s just super cool.


Better Recognize Award (Best Recognition Program)

Finalists: FedEx, Hewlett-Packard, Procter & Gamble
Winner: FedEx

Chip: I like the peer to peer humanitarian aspect. I think we can spend a lot of time and effort elsewhere when a real need exists standing right next to us.


The Most Humorous Company Award (Best Corporate Culture)

Finalists: Gardens Tulsa, Google, PhotoBiz
Winner: PhotoBiz

Mike: Any workplace that makes use of dance routines and parody videos definitely has a healthy sense of humor.


Individual Corporate Humor Awards

Always Mark as Read Award (Best Email)

Finalists: Louis CK, Wendii Lord, Alan Weiss
Winner: Wendii Lord

Mike: Demonstrating a healthy sense of humor is largely about being human, laughing at your own mistakes, being humble and being authentic, which Wendii demonstrated in spades.


Let the Man/Woman Speak Award (Best Presentation)

Finalists: Amy Cuddy, Etienne Garbugli, Lisa Warsinke
Winner: Amy Cuddy

Andrew: Amy’s presentation had all of the components of a great talk: an important message, powerful anecdotes, and something actionable that I can take home and start using. I’m power posing right now!


Hollywood Bound Award (Best Video)

Finalists: Matt Aselton, Gorilla Glue Employees, Kramer Enterprises Staff
Winner: Kramer Enterprises Staff

Mary Kay: LOVE that they had input and action from employees on this creative video! WOW!


Gather Around and Listen Award (Best Story)

Finalists: Sarah Peickert, Daniel Stover, Adam Wade
Winner: Daniel Stover

Andrew: The imagery in Daniel’s presentation made it seem like you were there, sharing his fear and vulnerability, and learning the same lesson he learned.


And We’re Still Friends Award (Best Prank)

Finalists: Improv Everywhere Team, LG IPS Monitor Team, Lisa Warsinke
Winner: Lisa Warsinke

Mary Kay: Lisa’s prank is simple and something that could be done for fun by most anyone.


The Most Humorous Individual Award (Best Humorist)

Finalists: Dick Chudnow, Carol Spurgeon, Lisa Warsinke
Winner: Carol Spurgeon

Andrew: The fact that Carol uses humor daily, and does it in so many ways, makes her worthy of Best Humorist!


Custom Organization Awards

These awards were created, with winners selected by, the nominators.

The Modern Family Award

Winner: PhotoBiz

The Laughing at Ourselves Award

Winner: DC Comedy Writing Group

The International Humor Achievement Award

Winner: The Humor Project, Inc

Custom Individual Awards

These awards were created, with winners selected by, the nominators.

The Comedy = Truth + Pain Award

Winner: Wayne Manigo & Mandy Dalton

The Fake Job Title / Straight Face Award

Winner: Beth Slazak

The Legacy of Laughter Award

Winner: Joel Goodman

To see all of the winning entries, check out the Finalists List.


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