2013 Humor Awards Panel

The following esteemed panel of judges will be selecting the winners of each award.

Mike Kerr

mike kerrTitle: President
Company: Humor at Work
Website: www.mikekerr.com / www.HumoratWork.tv
Twitter: @HumoratWork


Michael Kerr is a Hall of Fame international business speaker, very funny motivational speaker, and a workplace culture expert and trainer who has been listed as one of Canada’s most in-demand speakers for the past six years. Michael travels the world researching, writing and speaking about inspiring workplace cultures. He is the author of Putting Humor to Work and Inspiring Workplaces – Creating The Kind of Workplace Where Everyone Wants to Work.

Chip Lutz

chip lutzTitle: President
Company: Unconventional Leader
Website: www.UnconventionalLeader.com
Twitter: @ChipLutz


Chip Lutz is a leader who’s been there, done that, and has the uniform to prove it! A retired Naval Officer, under his command as Commanding Officer of two different Naval facilities, both of his teams received national recognition for setting new standards of service while maintaining high morale and high retention among team members. He also knows about meeting critical objectives during stressful conditions – having served as the Director of Security for Naval District Washington, DC during September 11th, 2001 – where he was responsible for the safety and security of 25,000 people on 9 different Naval installations in the National Capital Region. Currently, Chip is the President of UnConventional Leader and also the Past President of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. He is the husband to the fair maiden Gwen, father of 4, visiting professor, author, friend to his dog Oliver – does dishes, cooks, does laundry…but hates to fold whites.

Mary Kay Morrison

mary kay morrisonTitle: Director
Company: Humor Quest
Website: www.QuestForHumor.com
Twitter: @MaryKayMorrison


Mary Kay Morrison is an educator and author who has taught at virtually every level of the educational spectrum, while facilitating keynote presentations and workshop sessions for the past 30 years. Her work includes integrating what we know about applying cognitive research on both the emotions (particularly humor) and movement to learning. She currently serves on the Board of Directors as President Elect for the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH) and was 2010-11 conference chair. In 2009, she founded and currently directs the international AATH Humor Academy graduate study and certificate program where her book, Using Humor to Maximize Living is used as the text.

Andrew Tarvin

andrew tarvinTitle: Humor Engineer
Company: Humor That Works
Website: www.HumorThatWorks.com
Twitter: @HumorThatWorks


Andrew Tarvin is an award-winning speaker, international comedian, and best-selling author, specializing in teaching people and organizations how to use humor to be more effective, more productive and more awesome. He has worked with more than 100 organizations including Procter & Gamble, GE and Western & Southern Life Insurance on topics including humor in the workplace, communicating confidently, and strategic disengagement. He loves the color orange and is obsessed with milkshakes.


what is your humor persona?

Humor is a skill that can be learned. And when used correctly, it is a superpower that can be your greatest asset for building a happier, healthier and more productive life.  See for yourself...

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