four styles of humor

One of the most common questions I get about using humor is, “How do I make sure it’s appropriate?” Previously, we’ve talked about the importance of understanding your Humor MAP. That’s definitely still true. But another thing that can help is to understand the four styles of humor (as defined by Rod A Martin). These styles… Continue Reading >

humor awards banner

This is it. After much debate and many cups of coffee / tea, the Humor Awards board has selected the winners of the 2018 Corporate Humor Awards! Check out the winners below (and see the Full List to learn why each organization and individual was nominated). Corporate Humor Awards – Organizations Best Onboarding Program – Humorous Beginnings Award Finalists: Buffer… Continue Reading >

Congratulations to the Finalists for the 2018 Corporate Humor Awards! Be sure to check out the Full List to learn why each organization and individual was nominated. Corporate Humor Awards – Organizations Humorous Beginnings Award Finalists (Best Onboarding Program) Buffer – Three Buddies Medallia – Overcoming Fears Twitter – Yes to Desk Learned Me Good Award Finalists (Best Training… Continue Reading >

The 2018 Corporate Humor Awards have returned. Nominate an individual or organization that is helping to keep the workplace funny! Want to help spread the word about the 2018 Corporate Humor Awards? Here are some messages you can share: Twitter: Nominate an awesome person for a 2018 Corporate Humor Award, presented by @HumorThatWorks. Learn more or nominate… Continue Reading >

super bowl tide ad

The undisputed winner of the Super Bowl Ad Game was Tide. Their ad(s) created conversation, sparked memes, and has been relentlessly referenced in the days since (including people commenting that, given the clean nature of the spacesuit, SpaceX’s launch of a Tesla was actually a Tide Ad).  But this newsletter isn’t to talk about how good… Continue Reading >