Mandatory fun is something we’ve all experienced at work.  Although it usually starts out with honorable intentions, research shows that mandatory fun can be quite, well, unfun. Research from Barbara Plester and Kerr Inkson’s book Laugh out Loud – A User’s Guide to Workplace Humor suggests that overly-curated events can be less fun and intimidating… Read more

Checkout this interesting new tedx talk on how falling behind can get you ahead and the benefits of a sampling period, by David Epstein. Would you have guessed that Vincent Van Gogh had 5 different careers in his early 20s and deeming each of those 5 ‘his true calling’? None of the 5 careers were… Read more

The Moth recently started an awesome new educational initiative called The Storytelling School. Every Tuesday, the Moth posts a new story and provides writing prompts and activities based on the story theme to get people writing and speaking creatively. The program shares inspiring stories, provides resources and material for teachers and parents at home, and… Read more

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I was talking with a fellow improviser recently and he was lamenting the phrase “social distancing.” He said, “we’re physically distancing, but many people are working harder than ever to be socially (virtually) connected.” I have to agree. We continue to do virtual humor events to provide a way to connect with others, practice the… Read more

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Congratulations to the 2020 Corporate Humor Awards winners!! Watch the Humor Awards Show video recap! Check out the full list of winners to learn why each organization and individual was nominated, and why the esteemed Humor Panel of Judges chose the specific winners! Organization Awards Humorous Beginnings Award Finalists (Best Onboarding Program) Bazaarvoice – Scavenger… Read more