30 Benefits of Humor at Work

benefits of humor

I’m incredibly passionate about humor in the workplace and not because it’s fun. As an engineer, the reason why I care about using humor is that it works. It’s effective with the one thing you can’t be efficient with, human beings. So with that in mind, here are 30 benefits of humor at work, backed… Read more


Applied Humor Insights from AATH 2014

This past weekend I presented at the annual AATH Conference in Vincennes, IN (the birthplace of Red Skelton and home of the Red Skelton Museum). If you’re not familiar with AATH, it stands for the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor and is an organization dedicated to helping people practice and promote healthy humor. It… Read more


Modern Hierarchy of Needs

Updated for the real world. Only thing better would be if it was all free… Read more


Are You Working Your Employees To Death? [Infographic]

A frightening new infographic from Hello! Scheduling. Ready to combat some of these negative effects? Check out some posts on Strategic Disengagement or buy my book Humor That Works: 501 Ways to Beat Stress, Increase Productivity, and Have Fun at Work. Employee Scheduling Software by Hello Scheduling… Read more


6 Self-Massage Techniques for the Workplace

The workday can be quite stressful. Throughout the day, we sit at our desk, in meetings, and on our commute, the whole while accumulating stress from the day’s events. Massaging yourself can help. One study at the University of Miami showed that workers were more alert and were able to think faster (solving math problems)… Read more

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