25 Funniest Questions from Kids


Most people are kind of curious… and then there are kids, who are the most naturally curious people, which means they have awesome questions.  Like, where have I seen that actor before? (chances are it’s Gary Oldman and the answer is everywhere).

The funniest questions from kids tend to be truly funny.  So, below is a compilation of some of funniest questions from kids, compiled from the funny kids on the internet.

About the World:

  1. “Mom…my belly hurts…am I pregnant?” asked by 5 year old boy (/u/I_Climb_Most_Things)
  2. To a person with medical tape over their eye, “Are you a pirate?”
  3. “In the olden days, was everything black and white?”
  4. While cookies are baking, “Are the cookies loading?
  5. “Why do I have two eyes if I only see one thing?” (/u/ArcticZen)

What Is Up With That?

  1. “If plants need rain and sun to grow, and rainbows are made of light and water, are rainbows plant food?” (/u/some_body_else)
  2. “Why do spiders run away when I fart?” (/u/-Teekey-)
  3. “Why did swear words get invented if we’re not allowed to say them?”
  4. “Why are you buying beer, Dad? Do you know how much candy we could get with that money?”
  5. “Did you know god can’t even kill ghosts? What’s up with that?” (/u/andmorepro)

Really Good Questions (That I Don’t Know the Answer To):

  1. “What’s faster? Fire or dust?” (/u/Pseudoku)
  2. “Did ants invent the world’s first social network?” (@kateonthinice)
  3. “How did people make the first tools, if they didn’t have any tools?” (/u/word_nerd7623)
  4. “Why is the moon called the moon?” (/u/Mr_A)
  5. “What is the name of the space between the bits that stick out on a comb?” (/u/siriusgrey)

These Are Pretty Deep for Kids:

  1. “How do I know that I’m real and not just a dream of someone else?” (/u/thinwhiteduke99)
  2. When looking at a baby: “Do they know they’re alive yet?” (username deleted)
  3. “I wonder what my arm tastes like?” He then licks his arm, looks off in the distance, and says “Tastes…neutral.” (/u/agrammalech)
  4. “Dad, are there infinite words?”
    “No, son, but there are infinite numbers.”
    “Well if there is a word for every number, then there must be infinite words.” (/u/Waja_Wabit)
  5. “What did it feel like on your last day of being a child?”

Far Too Deep for Any of Us:

  1. “Why do we have to be born young and grow old, why can’t we be born old and get young?” (@KellyRocks)
  2. “Why can’t I see my eyes?” (@seasiderclare)
  3. “Why don’t crabs have eyebrows?” (/u/Gao_tie)
  4. As we’re sitting at a restaurant, “Why are we here, Daddy?”
    “Well, we’re here to have lunch!”
    “No, no. Why are we here ON THIS EARTH?” (/u/kateysomething)
  5. “Where do thoughts come from?” (/u/shrevid)

Some of these are questions I didn’t even know I had. For answers to questions you (or kids) may have with answers you can actually understand, check out reddit’s Explain Like I’m 5. For more questions, check out 50 questions to get to know someone.

Funniest questions from kids sources:


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3 thoughts on “25 Funniest Questions from Kids”

  1. my little brother asked me why is the earth green and the sky blue and humans all different colors.
    It made me think really hard

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