Announcing the 2014 Panel of Judges!

We’re excited to announce this year’s panel of judges! The following people will be helping to decide which of the nominations will be walking away with each award. Profiles of each to come soon!

John Garrett
Heidi Hanna
Jill Knox
Avish Parashar – Ding Happens
Julie Ann Sullivan – The Attitude Enhancer

Don’t forget to nominate an individual or organization today!



101 proven ways

to increase morale, productivity and group cohesiveness through humor.

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1 thought on “Announcing the 2014 Panel of Judges!”

  1. Great idea!!!

    You all were so awesome at conference and are in your daily lives as well. You deserve your own awards.

    As such, here you are at the virtual awards ceremony!

    Imagine the best regal music and the Universe in their finest attire applauding you with a standing ovation and wonderful shared laughter that the real currency of humor and health is at last recognized…

    John Garrett, Andrew Tarvin, Heidi Hanna, Jill Knox, Avish Parashar, Julie Ann Sullivan, Mary Kay Morrison and all AATH members that mentor and model healthy lifestyles and healthy humor.

    You are all winners in the 5-Star Top Award Category.

    You have received:

    1)The “Gold Star Award” from “The Prairie Tooth Fairy” for your radiant stars that shine in the physical-intectual-emotional-social-spiritual points…

    2) The “Silver Star Accommodation Award” and salute from “Major Prudence Wright, MP” (Her mission as the only “Medical Police” in the Peace Army is to provide Preventive First Aid & Mirth Aid as needed to prevent escalation in the ranks as she empowers others to police themselves… starting with their attitudes and the 5-points of their stars. She is way to busy policing herself…

    3) The “Non-burn Out Streaking Star Award” from “Major Astra, the Major Space Cadet”, that travels from Alpha to Omega on the rainbow as she encourages all to play nicely in their local2 global2cosmic travels,

    4) “Amelia Earhart, the Time-Traveler” is awarding you the “Fundamental Star Award”.. it is the FUN that joins da-mental! and lastly,

    5) “Sister Sue, the Witch of Kansas East” is giving you “The Oz 6-sided star Heart-Brains-Courage-Spirit-Mind-Body Star Award” for your purity and love and persistence with picking yourself up to continue following the path and flying into action even when others thought you might be on the wrong path.

    Well done! The standing ovation and joyous therapeutic laughter continues as you are a beacon to others, including those behind the scenes, to join you on stage…

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