Announcing the 2019 Corporate Humor Awards

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It’s now time for the 2019 Corporate Humor Awards! Nominate an individual or organization that is helping to keep the workplace funny! The goal of the Corporate Humor Awards is to bring awareness to those people and groups who are making the workplace more productive, less stressed, and happier through humor at work. Want to… Read more


Spread the Word of the 2018 Corporate Humor Awards

The 2018 Corporate Humor Awards have returned. Nominate an individual or organization that is helping to keep the workplace funny! Want to help spread the word about the 2018 Corporate Humor Awards? Here are some messages you can share: Twitter: Nominate an awesome person for a 2018 Corporate Humor Award, presented by @HumorThatWorks. Learn more or nominate… Read more


A Site Navigation Update

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Are you familiar with the curse of knowledge? It suggests that once you’ve learned something, it can be difficult to remember what it was like before you knew that thing. For example, the Humor That Works website has been around since 2009. In those 8 years, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a brand new… Read more


Humor Showcased in the Life Lab

I was featured in this great post from Intu on the value of a sense of humour. Yes, there’s an additional ‘u’ in there for my American readers because this group is based in the UK. A few quick highlights from the article. On Leadership Traits Another study from the Bell Leadership Institute found that… Read more


2014 Corporate Humor Award Winners Announced!

The winners of the first ever Corporate Humor Awards have been announced. Congratulations to the Winners! Below is a summary of the winners; to see a list of all of the winners (along with the other finalists), check out: 2014 Corporate Humor Award Winners. Organizational Corporate Humor Awards Humorous Beginnings Award for Best Onboarding Program: Netflix… Read more

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