What is a Master of Ceremonies?


A Master of Ceremonies (MC or emcee) plays a crucial role in the success of any corporate event.  The Master of Ceremonies help to represent the conference or event as a whole, while keeping the show on schedule and keeping the audience engaged.

Whether a Master of Ceremonies (MC or emcee) is a professional or just one of the more gregarious employees at the company, they’ll have 5 key jobs in making the event a success:

The Job(s) of a Master of Ceremonies

Every successful Master of Ceremonies delivers on these key areas:

Job #1. Represent the Event

The Master of Ceremonies of an event serves as the face of the festivities: meaning how they act will reflect on the event sponsors, producers, speakers, and audience. They bring to life all of the hard work that went on behind-the-scenes by all of the planning team members.

It doesn’t matter how defined the event timetable is or how good the internal speakers are if the MC ignores the schedule or destroys the energy of the room. A good MC will represent the values of the sponsoring organization and enhance the event planners plan.

Job #2. Keep the Event on Schedule

One of the most important jobs of a corporate Master of Ceremonies is to keep everything on schedule.

When the event is behind schedule, the MC will use shorter transitions and adjust breaks accordingly. When the event is ahead of schedule or there is some sort of delay, the MC will fill time and keep the audience engaged while everything is set up correctly.

Job #3. Introduce the Speakers

The Master of Ceremonies will introduce each of the speakers or guests at the event, providing any necessary background on the speaker and appropriately preparing the audience for their next topic.

At a minimum, the MC should know how to pronounce each of the speaker’s name and should be able to give a short bio for the speaker. Where appropriate, they’ll also want to encourage the audience to give the speaker a warm introduction as they head to the stage.

Job #4. Tie Everything Together

Medicore Master of Ceremonies just go from one topic to the next; great masters of ceremonies know that the job of an MC includes tying everything together in a logical progression.

A good MC will comment (positively) on the previous speaker (such as sharing something they learned from the talk), and then transition to the next speaker. This will often be done using an appropriate segue that provides a seamless experience for the event audience.

Job #5. Energize the Audience

Finally, a Master of Ceremonies will help maintain the appropriate energy levels of the audience. When the audience is overly excited, the MC will calm them down so they can focus on the next speaker. When the audience is lethargic or feeling that 3pm slump, they’ll use an appropriate energizer to get every back into the event.

The MC will also understand the audience, and use humor, comedy, interactive exercises, and more that is appropriate for the demographic of the event attendees.

Need a Corporate Master of Ceremonies?

Have an event and not quite ready to fill the role of master of ceremonies yourself? Want to learn more about what an MC meaning truly is, and fun creative ways to run an event?  Book me for corporate emcee services.


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  1. I agree that the success of an MC greatly depends upon how they run the event in question. I would like to perform as an MC someday and ensure that the guests at whatever event I am MC’ing at will have a good time. I will be sure to keep the event on schedule and captivate the audience by continuing to be loud and presentable.

    1. I went be a professional MC both funeral, child dedication, carnival, traditional wedding ceremony, birthday party,flag off e.t.c, now I need a tactical and procedure to brushed and sharped myself,so can I achieve it..

  2. I have been an mc in events like birthday, church programs but i need to be brushed and sharpened.
    Please how do i go about it?
    How can self-train myself?
    Thank you

  3. Kealeboga Monchusi

    I’m also an upcoming Mc And a motivational speaker and wants to sharpen my skills…how do I go about it?is there a training that I can attend or?

  4. I have hosted my companies international convention the past 4 yrs in las vegas. With my extensive education combined with my stand up and improv background, wrapped up in my general speaking nature i have gotten very good at it. My question is, how or where can you take this to the next level and make a job of it? Is there a market for it? Are there agencies that represent such people?

    1. I am an up coming MC and need more training how do I go about the right training and I want to connect with people in this same field too

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