How to Be More Confident

By Andrew Tarvin | February 1, 2013

I just wrapped up a great week at Louisiana State University where I taught my brother’s […]

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Zombie Tag – A Team-Building Game

By Andrew Tarvin | November 13, 2012

Many team-building activities are boring and unoriginal. Not the case with one of my favorites: Zombie […]

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problem solving fortune

20 Problem Solving Activities to Improve Creativity

By Andrew Tarvin | October 12, 2012

Creative problem solving requires creative problem solving activities. Because even if you know all of the […]

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Walk / Stop – An Energizer Activity

By Andrew Tarvin | September 10, 2012

A good energizer is easy-to-explain, gets people moving, and hopefully induces some laughter. Walk / Stop […]

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standing out in a crowd

10 Tips for Using Humor in the Workplace

By Andrew Tarvin | August 29, 2011

There are plenty of reasons to use humor in the workplace: humor can reduce stress, improve […]

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telephone pictionary game

Team-Building Activity – Telephone Pictionary

By Andrew Tarvin | July 6, 2011

What’s better than Pictionary? Telephone Pictionary that helps you get to know your team a little […]

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add humor to survey

Using Humor to Create Fun Surveys

By Andrew Tarvin | December 2, 2010

A survey is only as good as the responses it receives from the responders. One way […]

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team building line up

Team-Building Activity – Line Up

By Andrew Tarvin | August 13, 2010

One of my favorite team-building activities of late has been the “Line Up.” It’s an exercise […]

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50 Questions to Get to Know Someone

By Andrew Tarvin | June 2, 2010

Want to get to know me better (or anyone really)?  Just ask one of the below […]

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5 Ways to Energize an Audience

By Andrew Tarvin | November 24, 2009

A tired audience is an impatient and distracted audience. To help ensure your presentation is actually […]

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101 Ways to Create Humor at Work

By Andrew Tarvin | September 24, 2009

With all of the benefits to having humor in the workplace, every office could stand to […]

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How to Host a Speed Networking Event

By Andrew Tarvin | August 11, 2009

Networking and community-building don’t have to be hard, especially when you create an environment where it […]

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