Many organizations intentionally blur the lines between play and work, and use gamification as a way to learn new skills and spark curiosity.  Playing at work is more than just fun, it’s an exploration. Inspire Cards is an example of a product that can help you play more at work. Inspire’s motto is Play along… Read more

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This is it. After much debate and many cups of coffee / tea, the Humor Awards board has selected the winners of the 2019 Corporate Humor Awards! Check out the winners below (and see the full list of winners to learn why each organization and individual was nominated). Humorous Beginnings Award (Best Onboarding Program) For the… Read more

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Congratulations to the Finalists for the 2019 Corporate Humor Awards! Be sure to check out the full list of finalists to learn why each organization was nominated and how you can implement these great, creative ideas! Humorous Beginnings Award Finalists (Best Onboarding Program) For the organization that shows a commitment to bringing in new employees in… Read more

Tired of sending follow-up email after follow-up email and not getting any responses? Sick of feeling nervous before the smallest of presentations? Ever thought, “maybe I should try standup comedy?” Regardless of your answers, you should try standup comedy! Seriously, we believe humor is a skill that anyone can learn and everyone can use to… Read more

So, you’re doing your first open mic! You’re excited, a little nervous (no need to be), happy and we are truly happy for you! 5 things to know about your first open mic: 1) Know the caliber of the mic. Who is the mic for? Is it for people brand new to comedy, more experienced… Read more