2021 Corporate Humor Awards WINNERS!

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Congratulations to the 2021 Corporate Humor Awards WINNERS!

Watch the 2021 Corporate Humor Awards Winners Show video recap to see the winners and the polls on ‘the best pun’. And check out the Corporate Humor Awards full list of winners to read more about why the esteemed Humor Panel of Judges chose each winner!

Corporate Humor Awards – Organization Awards

The organization awards are for organizations who improve the workplace with a humorous culture. These nominations are themed by the 5 core skills of work from the Humor That Works book.

Works with a Smile (Humor and Execution) Award Finalists:

Works with a Smile (Humor & Execution) WINNER: Cobblestone Car Wash
What the judges liked – “The interactivity of this car wash was brilliant!”

Funny Innovator (Humor and Thinking) Award Finalists:

Funny Innovator (Humor & Thinking) WINNER: Bread and Cie Café
What the judges liked – “C’mon….. baguette helmets?!? The BEST!”

Mark as Always Read (Humor and Communication) Award Finalists:

Mark as Always Read (Humor and Communication) WINNER: Yellowstone National Park
What the judges liked – “Thanks to them I will not get eaten by a Bison!”

Everybody Loves Them (Humor and Connection) Award Finalists:

Everybody Loves Them (Humor and Connection) WINNER: New Jersey Lawyer Assistance Program
What the judges liked – “They display a concerted, regular effort to connect with and show concern for their staff.”

Lincoln Leadership (Humor and Leadership) Award Finalists:

Lincoln Leadership (Humor and Leadership) WINNER: Comedy Cures
What the judges liked – “What a great way to bring awareness to a cause.”

Corporate Humor Awards – Individual Awards

The individual awards are for individuals who add humor to the workplace in their own way. These nominations are themed by the 6 humor personas from the Humor That Works personality assessment.

The Humor Appreciator Award Finalists:

The Humor Appreciator WINNER: Hansquatch (and his Mom) Redditer
What the judges liked – “Because I hope my son Becket will help me while we laugh like that.”

The Humor Curator Award Finalists:

The Humor Curator WINNER: Adriano Lanzilotto
What the judges liked – “Adriano curated and also created a really attractive delivery PPT!”

The Humor Creator Award Finalists:

The Humor Creator WINNER: CGP Grey Youtuber
What the judges liked – “CGP combines creativity with high production value (despite the stick figures).”

The Humor Performer Award Finalists:

The Humor Performer WINNER: Michael McAdam
What the judges liked – “I have seen variations of the ‘airline announcement’, but this flight attendant has taken it to a whole new level.”

The Humor Engineer Award Finalists:

The Humor Engineer WINNER: Catie Osborne
What the judges liked – “She made the topic of ADHD accessible and fun. I seriously got sucked in and spent 11 mins scrolling her TikTok.”

The Humor Advocate Award Finalists:

The Humor Advocate WINNER: Marie-Amelie George
What the judges liked – “Teachers are superheroes and Dogs are the BEST – this is a win-win!”

Congrats again to the Corporate Humor Awards winners and thank you to everyone who submitted nominations! Very well deserved!

Post written by Vandad Pourbahrami


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Humor is a skill that can be learned. And when used correctly, it is a superpower that can be your greatest asset for building a happier, healthier and more productive life.  See for yourself...

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