Why Humor Can Be a Powerful Campaign Tool


A recent story on NPR shared the value of humor in politics in campaigning, which echoes a previous article we had here on Humor That Works (Humor in Presidential Elections). Some key points from the story:

  • Humor is an essential tool in any politician’s kit.
  • [Humor] can disarm an opponent, woo a skeptical voter or pierce an argument.
  • One of the most valuable uses of humor is showing you’re human: “If you can make fun of yourself, it says that I’m just like you.”
  • It can also shed light on an issue: “If you can make someone laugh about something your opponent thinks, that means you’ve done a really good job of highlighting what’s wrong with their argument or position.”

You can read the whole thing here: Not Just for Laughs: Why Humor Can Be a Powerful Campaign Tool

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