The Boss Dances Like a BOSS!

This isn’t your standard dance video, more of an awesome story. From the YouTube description: California Conservation Corps members Antwon McCoy and Leonard Patton aren’t just hard workers. They are also very good dancers who have taught their big nature nerd/mountain man boss (John Griffith) more than a few dance moves (song is Ay Ladies… Continue Reading >


The Cosmic Adjuster

Sometimes the only thing that needs adjusting is perspective. (from Jim Benton)… Continue Reading >


Humor at Work TEDx Talk

humor at work tedx talk

Back in February I had the opportunity to give a TEDx talk at my alma mater, The Ohio State University. The topic was humor in the workplace and why I became a humor engineer. Watch the talk below and check out some of the sources below the video. Key Points from the Talk: People who… Continue Reading >

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Remember How We Forgot

An inspirational (and funny) poem… Continue Reading >


Unintentionally Profound Life Advice from Machines

You never know where inspiration is going to come from. It could be a book you read, a moment you witness, or a line you read in the instruction manual of a product. Wait, what was that last one? Turns out there’s an entire blog dedicated to life advice from machines. Here are my seven… Continue Reading >

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