On this episode of Humor Talks, we chat with Vandad Pourbahrami. Vandad is a humor researcher / consultant / facilitator for Humor That Works, as well as storyteller and comedian. We talk with Vandad about his discover of humor as a valuable tool for consulting, some of the compelling research on humor in the workplace… Read more


Announcing the 2020 Corporate Humor Awards

humor awards banner

It’s now time for the 2020 Corporate Humor Awards! Nominate an individual or organization that is helping to keep the workplace funny! The goal of the Corporate Humor Awards is to bring awareness to those people and groups who are making the workplace more productive, less stressed, and happier through humor at work. Want to… Read more


Using Humor as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

lawn and order

In my experience, humor is easily one of the most overlooked marketing strategies. It’s no secret that humor works. According to a study by Clutch.co:  “Consumers prefer advertisements that make them laugh; more than half (53%) say they remember and enjoy an advertisement if it is humorous.” So, if humor works in marketing, what are some… Read more


Humor in Meeting Invites

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There are 25 million meetings per day in the United States! Yes, 25 million!! Now, think about all of those meeting invite emails going back and forth. How many of those are just standard text with logistics written? How many of those emails are actually read? Today, we are doing a Humor Spotlight on Oak… Read more


Humor at the Democratic Debate – 11/20/19

humor at democratic debate november

Yesterday’s November Democratic Debate of 2019 was another opportunity for the Democratic candidates to make a mark leading into the final debates of 2019 in December. Like all forms of communication, humor played a valuable role in either helping or hurting their cause. As we did for the for the last two debates, we decided… Read more

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