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Humor That Works Testimonials


No MBA class ever taught me how to bring humor into the workplace. The creative and actionable methods Andrew has bottled up and served to his audiences is a must-have for any aspiring leader in business today.

–Mark von Oven, Business Intelligence Customer Leader
Procter & Gamble


Andrew was a dynamic speaker and was very much in control of his topic. He kept us engaged, involved, and interested. Excellent and useful material. Top rated session.

–Anonymous survey result
Westchester Networking Organization

college board

The training was awesome and just what our team needed. It is very clear to me how what we’ve learned can be applied deeply throughout the work that we do and in our day-to-day interactions.

–Marc Lieberman, Publications Coordinator
The College Board

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  • “… a great speaker who knows how to keep the attention of the audience.”

    –Peter, Procter & Gamble

  • “Very inspiring and worthwhile presentation.”

    –Karen, Western & Southern

  • “Andrew was OUTSTANDING! I would use him again without question.”

    –Sarah, Villa Crest

  • “Fun and fresh. He definitely knows what he’s doing.”

    –Nate, Student, LSU

  • “Sets a new bar on the fun factor.”

    –Janine, Associate Director of IT

  • “One of the best training leaders I’ve heard in a long time.”

    –Laura, Sales Manager

  • “A true, professional teacher.”

    –Leah, Retired Teacher

  • “He is pretty freaking awesome.”

    –Taylor, Student

  • “He definitely ‘gets it.’ Great talk!”

    –Chris, Session Attendee

  • “Andrew was by far the best. He made it worth coming to the event.”

    –Anonymous, Event Attendee

  • “One of the best public speakers I’ve ever listened to.”

    –Anonymous, Session Attendee

  • Funny, witty, highly intelligent (and handsome!) son!

    –LuAnn Tarvin, my mom

Humor That Works References

Below are a few letters of recommendations for services provided by Humor That Works.

  • “By far, the best guest speaker I have seen at P&G. His message and delivery went above and beyond expectations, and the feedback shared by our New Hires is reflective of the impact he made. If you haven’t already considered “Humor that Works” for your next event – you’re missing out.” [Read More] —Ashley Maher, New Hire Event Organizer, Procter & Gamble
  • “Working with Andrew has been a pleasure for me as he always listens to the needs of his customers and delivers with a high degree of professionalism. I look forward to working with him even more in the future.” [Read More] —Hilmar Hamann, PhD, Food & Drug Administration
  • “I definitely recommend Andrew as a facilitator and instructor. If he can help a lawyer like me find the value of improvisation, he can help anyone.” [Read More] —Michael Warner, Esquire

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