Humor That Works Site Guide

Humor That Works is all about helping corporations, companies, managers, employees, and even your average Joe or Joe-ette use humor in the workplace.  This website is the home base for all HTW activities is structured to help you with all your humor needs.

To start, the site is separated into five major areas:

  • About Humor That Works – Read about the Humor That Works mission and find out about the author and humorist behind the words.
  • Humor Blog – This is where the bulk of new humor ideas and concepts appear and is constantly updated with new content.  Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to get all of the newest ideas on humor at work.
  • Humor Book – This is currently a work in progress but the book will formulate the Humor That Works methodology and process into a collection of humorously written pages of awesome.
  • Humor Consulting – Find out how Humor That Works can help you hands-on, with programs ranging from keynote speeches to improv-based workshops to coaching on a specific event or communication you have coming up.
  • Humor Resources – Want even more on humor at work? Check out these great resources to find out ways you can start using it today (and not the metaphorical today, I mean today, like in 15 minutes).

In the blog, you’ll find posts and articles on various humor related topics, falling into the following categories:

  • How-To Humor: Ready to make work more enjoyable for yourself and others? Here’s how to do just that by leveraging humor.
  • Humor Benefits: Why use humor in the workplace? Stress relief, calorie burning, happiness, productivity, leadership… It’s all here.
  • Learn with Humor: Humor isn’t just fun, it’s also a great teaching tool. Learn various tips, tricks, and techniques for advancing in the corporate world, written from a humorous angle.
  • Humor Spotlight: Luckily there are people and organizations out there using humor to it’s fullest. Explore examples and case studies of how others are using humor to improve their work and life.
  • Humor Talks: I’m not the only who knows about the value of humor. Listen to what these leaders in the corporate and comedy worlds say about our favorite subjects.
  • Quick Wisdom: Brevity is the soul of wit, so here’s some wisdom in 300 words or less.
  • Recommended Reading: Looking for even more? Check out these books that describe, explain, or use humor to improve work and life.
  • What I Learned From: You can learn something from everything–books, movies, rap music. Here’s what I’ve picked up from a variety of sources.

For more details on humor consulting or resources, check out those specific pages.  If you want even more direction, here’s where I recommend you start:

There, that should get you started. If you have any questions or comments, just send them to