Humor Links

I’d love to pretend that I knew everything there was to know about business, humor and life, but I’m not young enough to believe I do. These are some of the sites I am constantly learning from.

  1. Applied Improvisation Network
  2. Ask a Manager
  3. Big Think
  4. Brazen Careerist
  5. Chief Happiness Officer
  6. Deep Fun
  7. Delightful Work
  8. Effortless HR Blog
  9. Evil HR Lady
  10. Happiness is Better
  11. I Will Teach You to Be Rich
  12. Lifehacker
  13. Matthew Cornell
  14. Penelope Trunk
  15. Personal MBA
  16. Reddit AMA
  17. Reddit TIL
  18. Quora
  19. Seth Godin
  20. Steve Pavlina
  21. TED
  22. Tim Ferriss
  23. The Work Play Experience Blog
  24. Work Happy Now
  25. Zen Habits

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