Humor Applications

Whether it’s a traditional application for your computer, a webapp, or an Android or iPhone app, certain bundles of software can help you be a more effective person while also adding some humor to your work.

Here are the applications I use to get things done.

  1. Humor’s Office – So it’s not really an app, but this is my go-to resource for finding relevant humor for presentations, emails, and more.
  2. Evernote – If I have a thought, it goes into this note-taking software. My Evernote is filled with first drafts, meeting notes, and quite a few puns.
  3. Toggl – Time tracking software I use to know how I’m spending my time.
  4. Google Drive – My online replacement for Microsoft Office products. Plus real-time team writing is super fun to do from virtual locations.
  5. Dropbox – The way I keep all of my files synchronized over the different computers I use.
  6. Fitocracy – What I use to track my workouts and motivate myself to do more.
  7. Shazam – For when I hear an awesome song I want to get, but don’t know the name of the song.
  8. i-Clickr – For controlling PowerPoint from my phone.
  9. Pocket – How I save articles on my phone for reading when on a plane or subway.
  10. – A way to take a break while doing something mentally challenging.

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