New Book: 50 Quotations on Humor


Humor That Works has just published a new book titled 50 Quotations on Humor: From Aristotle to Eisenhower, 50 Quotations on the Power of Humor.

It contains quotations from some of the greatest minds in history on the subject of humor. Included with each quotation is a short biography of the source and a bonus fact just for fun.

You can purchase it online at Amazon:

Paperback – 50 Quotations on Humor
Kindle –
50 Quotations on Humor

If you pick up the book and have any feedback, let us know.

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  • Holly Link December 30, 2011, 11:10 am

    Can I have a Free 50 Quotations on Humor Book?
    I am working on putting more humor in our work place!


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