Corporate Humor Awards Press Release

Here is the Press Release for the 2013 Corporate Humor Awards (available as PDF).


Nominations Open for Individuals and Organizations Using Humor at Work

The 2013 Corporate Humor Awards, touted as the Oscars of humor in the workplace, are now taking nominations for individuals and organizations who leverage humor in the workplace.

The awards, divided into organization and individual categories, aren’t the staid corporate recognition you may be accustomed to. Participants can nominate companies for awards such as the Money Isn’t Everything Award for Best Workplace Perk and individuals for awards such as the And We’re Still Friends Award for Best Office Prank.

There are also custom awards, where nominators can create their own award names and select the winners. One example custom award given is “The Ties Everything Back to Milkshakes Award to Andrew Tarvin for unsurpassed devotion to relating business matters to milkshakes.”

The Awards, presented by Humor That Works, are spearheaded by Tarvin, Humor Engineer and CEO of Humor That Works, and are designed to increase awareness about the value of humor in the workplace.

“Study after study shows the benefits of humor in the workplace, but 65% of employees are still uncomfortable using it,” says Tarvin. “Our goal with the Awards is to shine a warm, bright, ‘that-feels-nice’ light on the people and companies who are taking advantage of humor at work while teaching people about the business benefit of humor in the process.”

“It’s like when you discover a new type of delicious milkshake. You don’t want to keep that milkshake a secret; you want to tell your friends about it so they can enjoy it too.”

Nominations can be submitted online at from now until April 17th. Winners will be announced the week of April 29th.

The 2013 Corporate Humor Awards are presented by Humor That Works. Founded in 2009, Humor That Works is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations become more effective, more productive, and more awesome using humor in the workplace.


 For more information, to schedule an interview, or to hear a work-related joke, call 646.543.7398 or email [email protected]


what is your humor persona?

Humor is a skill that can be learned. And when used correctly, it is a superpower that can be your greatest asset for building a happier, healthier and more productive life.  See for yourself...

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