Humor That Works Book


Congratulations on finding your way here from the Humor That Works Book. While a book can provide an incredible amount of education and learning, it can only do so much. The resources below are meant to help you continue your humor journey.

  • Humor That Works Links - all of the links referenced in the book.
  • 501 Ways to Use Humor - a reference book for when you know you want to use humor, you're just not sure on what to do.
  • Humor Database - a repository of humor from around the web that is SFW, for when you need a laugh or some humor help.
  • Humor Shift - a free 30-day newsletter course that will help you develop your humor skill.
  • HTW Facebook Group - hands-on assistance from the Humor That Works community.
  • Humor That Works Programs - a look at our award-winning, hands-on training programs customized to any organization.
  • Humor Strategy Call - a 20-minute call to help you determine how humor can help you get better results.
  • Skill of Humor TEDx Talk - an 18-minute video detailing the skill of humor.
  • Why Humor in 60 Seconds - a one-minute clip you can share with anyone who still doesn't understand the importance of humor.
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