The Gift of Stress, an Interview with Zohar Adner


Zohar Adner is a stress release coach and author of The Gift of Stress – How to Act on the Urgent Message That’s Trying to Save Your Life.  I sat down with Zohar to talk about his new book, his work as a stress release coach and the role humor plays in stress release.

Zohar Adner

You can listen to our interview below (note: there was a phone problem about 6 minutes in so you hear me switch to speakerphone).


Highlights from our talk include:

  • The Gift of Stress (0:35)
  • Why We Suck at Handling Stress (5:50)
  • Can You Become Stress-Free (9:40)
  • The Seven Rs of Stress Release (16:30)
  • The All Important Reminder (20:14)
  • Humor as a Diffuser (27:15)
  • The Stress of a Haircut (32:06)

For more on Zohar or his stress release work, check out:

I’ve transcribed the interview for those who prefer reading to listening (note: it has been edited for clarity).  You can find the transcription at:

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