8 Examples of AI You Can Use to Be More Creative

So you want to know how to be creative. While many assume that creativity (art, music, humor) is safe from the computer revolution, the reality is that the world of creative machines is already here. But rather than being afraid of being replaced my artificial intelligence, creatives should look at machines as a way of enhancing and unlocking greater creative expression.

With that in mind, here are 8 examples of artificial intelligence that can help you be more creative.

Beautiful AI

beautiful ai

Beautiful AI makes creating great presentations quick(er) and easy(er). With immediate access to millions of Creative Commons images and background rules for good design (color schemes, smart layouts, word limits), creating slides that aren’t terrible is the default, and creating beautiful slides is the norm. It’s not death by PowerPoint, it’s creative life by AI.


faceapp example

Ever have a picture where you wish you were smiling but you weren’t, probably afraid you had something stuck in your teeth? If know Photoshop, you can probably change that, but if you don’t, well then… just download FaceApp. This iPhone / Android app can quickly and easily turn a frown upside down (graphically speaking). It can also age you, makeup you, and other gender you.

Google Photos Assistant

google photo assistant example

Speaking of Photoshopping images, sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Like which filter would look best or how you could improve an image. Enter Google Photos Assistant. If you upload pictures to Google Photos, their assistant will automatically style certain pictures, create albums based on time and location, and put together “movies” of pictures and videos from a specific event, all without you doing anything but looking at the results.


magisto example

Building on the idea that movies can be edited by AI is Magisto, which uses their Emotion Sense Technology (don’t know what that means) to quickly create videos that tell emotionally driven stories. You choose the video and images, pick an editing style and soundtrack, and the tool creates a video to match to easily share on social media.

Amper Music

amper music example

Let’s say you created a video but you don’t like the soundtrack or you’re finally ready to launch your rap career but you don’t know how to make beats. No problem. Just go to Amper and co-create an entirely new instrumental with their AI software. You select the project type, mood, style, tempo, instrumentation, key, and duration and Amper does the rest. That leaves plenty of time for working on your flow, so it’s set to go, when you finally book a show.


grammarly example

Clarity of thought and accuracy in language is an important part of expressing yourself (ever have a great post but use the wrong “there” and everyone lost their minds?). Grammarly is a spell and grammar checker backed with AI algorithms that learn and adapt over time and style, so that your writing is judged on its impact, not it’s* misuse of an apostrophe (*yes that was intentional).


botnik example

What if you don’t want to write at all? Well, you know the predictive text on your phone that can help you generate sentences? What if you could do that in the style of a Beyonce song or a Scrubs episode? That’s exactly what Botnik does. Using a repository of text information, you can select a “voice” for your predictive text and create an entire script if you’d like.

Voice Assistants (Alexa, Ok Google, Siri)

The most ubiquitous form of AI for many of us are the voice assistants we interact with on a daily basis. These AI assistants react to our commands and can act as our sounding board as we express ourselves: they can immediately provide answers to questions we have, transcribe our thoughts via voice-to-text, and help us warm up our creative muscles with games to play.


what is your humor persona?

Humor is a skill that can be learned. And when used correctly, it is a superpower that can be your greatest asset for building a happier, healthier and more productive life.  See for yourself...

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