2019 Corporate Humor Awards WINNERS!!

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This is it. After much debate and many cups of coffee / tea, the Humor That Works Award board has selected the winners of the 2019 Corporate Humor Awards! Check out the winners below (and see the Corporate Humor Awards full list of winners to learn why each organization and individual was nominated).

Corporate Humor Awards – Organizational Awards

Humorous Beginnings Award (Best Onboarding Program)
For the organization that shows a commitment to bringing in new employees in a way that is effective, engaging, and fun.


  • Digital Ocean – Desk swag
  • Zazzle – Scavenger Hunt
  • Perkbox – Beer Trolley

Winner: Zazzle

Committee: What I like about Zazzle’s approach is that it incorporates game elements into an otherwise mundane task. In doing so, it encourages the new hire to meet new people in a fun way while also setting the stage for established employees to help out as they get settled into the company, something that hopefully continues past the first few days.

Learned Me Good Award (Best Training Event)
For the organization that is committed to developing their people with skills they can use at work and in life.


  • Twitter – Technical & creative writing
  • Evernote – Evernote Academy
  • Etsy – Etsy School

Winner: Etsy

Committee: What makes Etsy stand out is that the programs are taught by employees, for employees. That means people not only get a chance to learn something new, they can also give back and build relationships by sharing something they’re passionate about.

The Funny Voice Award (Best Marketing)
For the organization that effectively uses humor as part of their branding, marketing, and communication with their customers.


  • Wendy’s – Spicy Chicken Nugget
  • The Onion – Hiring Bengal Tigers
  • Seamless – NYC subway ads

Winner: Seamless

Committee: What can we say, we’re suckers for a little New Yorker banter. Just lights up your day while avoiding the rats on the subway.  Seriously, though, Seamless is being creative and getting people talking in a playful and casual way. It’s more than an advertisement, it’s connecting people on realities everyone faces in the big city and creating more of a sense of community. Well done!

Money Isn’t Everything Award (Best Perk)
For the organization that understands that engagement requires more than just a paycheck and that their employees are humans, not resources.


  • Reebok – competitive Crossfit classes
  • Scripps Health – Pet Insurance
  • Goldman Sachs – All-night charity fundraising

Winner: Reebok

Committee: It’s important for companies to practice what they preach, and by giving employees a chance to take classes throughout the day, Reebok shows that they’re commitment to fitness isn’t just for profit. Both the time (during work hours) and the cost (free) help this perk stand out from others.

Better Recognize Award (Best Recognition Program)
For the organization that understands that a job well done deserves some attention, to both honor the employee and showcase the values the organization strives for.


  • Burton – Snow days
  • Kimpton Hotels – Housekeeping Appreciation Week
  • Roundpegg – Customized action figures

Winner: Kimpton Hotels

Committee: Recognition is important at all levels of an organization, and while it’s easy to sometimes focus on the more visible roles (sales, customer service), the other roles are just as important to making a company a success. The focus on appreciating all levels at Kimpton, and in a fun way, is a great example of how recognition can be done.

Corporate Humor Awards Winners full list

Congrats again to the Corporate Humor Awards winners and all of the finalists! Make sure to checkout the Corporate Humor Awards full list of winners to learn why each organization and individual was nominated. Every one of them is helping to make the world a funnier, more productive, and happier place.

Post written by Vandad Pourbahrami


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