Hospital Humor… An Interview with Sally Franz

What would you do if you suddenly became paralyzed from the waist down?  Well, if you’re Sally Franz, you write a book about the experience. I sat down with the Scrambled Leggs author to talk to her about her book and how she uses humor as means to an end. What end? Listen and find out… Read more


Humor Lessons from Scrambled Leggs

Humor has many benefits–it can bring you closer to another person,  ease the tension in a room and help you deal with difficult circumstances, like becoming paralyzed.  Such is the tale in Sally Franz’s Scrambled Leggs: A Snarky Tale of Hospital Hooey, a book about laughter, pain, and everything in between. In the eBook, Sally tells… Read more

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5 Benefits of Vacation

A reader over at Ask a Manager posted a question asking how to take a vacation when there’s always work to be done, and Allison gave a great answer about establishing criteria for being able to leave and mentioning that vacation time for employees is good for both the company and the worker.   I… Read more


Optimists Live Longer

A recent study shows that being optimistic may lead to living longer.  In a study of 100,000 women, those rated optimistic were 14% less likely to die than pessimists during the study’s first eight years. Why do optimists live longer?  The science doesn’t quite tell us but one theory presented is that “Optimists have strong… Read more


You Just Gotta Laugh

An article on nursetogether shares some of the reasons why laughter is healthy, not just physically but psychologically as well.  Some of the benefits include: Laughing teaches us it’s OK to be out of control. Laughing brings us into the moment. Laughing helps us think more clearly. For more benefits, and a list of ways… Read more