Unbelievable Email Stats

I’ve been conducting a lot of communication training lately and while researching my presentation, I was blown away by some email stats, including…

  • As of 2011, the average user sent and received 105 email messages per day [1].
  • The average office worker spends 28% of their workday on email.
  • 66% of people under 30 use their smartphone or cell phone to access email [2].
  • 72% of respondents said they spend more time on email than they did a year ago and that they work longer as a result.
  • 15% of Americans say they are addicted to email [3].

That’s a lot to handle when it comes to email. Luckily you can use humor to make emailing more enjoyable. For more ideas, see the Email section of my book.

[1] Email Statistics Report, 2011.
[2] 10 Stats about Email Marketing in 2012.
[3] Time Management Statistics.



101 proven ways

to increase morale, productivity and group cohesiveness through humor.

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