Humor Awards

Welcome to the home of the Corporate Humor Awards, where we celebrate those individuals and organizations who are doing their part to improve the workplace using humor at work.

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In its second year, we hope to recognize the awesome work already being done by people and companies, and create awareness for what’s possible when it comes to humor in the workplace.

Nominations come from the public and are voted on by an esteemed board of experienced corporate humorists. Winners receive fame, glory, and a nice feeling from knowing their work is appreciated, as well as a few special prizes to be announced later.

In addition, every person who nominates an individual or organization will be entered into a raffle for some humor swag.

To get started, simply fill out the nomination form or help spread the word.

Nominations are due by Friday, April 18th.
Winners will be announced the week of April 28th.

About Humor That Works

Humor That WorksThe Corporate Humor Awards are presented by Humor That Works, an organization dedicated to helping individuals and organizations become more effective, more productive, and more awesome using humor in the workplace.

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