10 Tips for Using Humor in the Workplace

There are plenty of reasons to use humor in the workplace: humor can reduce stress, improve health, increase productivity, develop creativity, expand learning, strengthen relationships, create opportunities, enhance leadership, earn you more money and make you happier.

But knowing how to properly use humor at work can be tricky, so here are ten tips to using humor to achieve better results, at work, at home, and in life.

10 Tips for Using Humor in the Workplace aka HUMOR RUMOH

  1. Have Fun – Humor is about having fun in the workplaces, and chances are, if you think something is fun, other people will think it’s fun too.
  2. Use What You Know – Humor works best when it’s honest (“truth in comedy”), so use what you know best: yourself. Find your own style and be willing to poke at yourself.
  3. Make it a Ritual – Humor is incredibly versatile and can improve nearly any situation. Start enjoying work more by adding add a little humor to your work every single day.
  4. Opt for Positive, Not Negative – Humor has the power to bond people, but it can also be used to ostracize. Keep your humor positive and inclusive and you’ll create a more supportive environment without secluding anyone.
  5. Recognize the Value of a Smile – Humor doesn’t necessarily have to cause laughter, evoking a smile is also success. When in doubt, go for humorous instead of funny.
  6. Retain Your Professionalism – Humor is great but it can be overused. Don’t overdo it and stay work appropriate””you don’t want to be seen as immature or as a clown.
  7. Own It – Humor is never guaranteed to work, but one of the best ways to help it is by being confident in your use of it. Take pride in what you’re doing and often that alone will help you succeed.
  8. Mix Original with Produced – Humor is so prevalent in the world it would be a shame and a waste if you didn’t leverage the great work done by others. You don’t always have to be the source of humor, you can also share humor created by others (just be sure to give credit).
  9. Understand Your Audience – Humor is subjective to the receiver, so it’s important to learn what works and doesn’t work with different groups of people. Not everyone has the same sense of humor so tailor it to your audience.
  10. Help Others – Humor can help just about everyone. Encourage other people to use humor and help them out by smiling, laughing, and letting them know you appreciate their use of humor.

It’s impossible to distill everything there is to know about using humor into a single page, but the above ten tips will help you on your way to effectively using humor in the workplace.



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  2. Another great reason to use humor in the workplace comes from a learning perspective; According to a study at the University of Arkansas and San Diego State University, when you teach (or present), anything with humor intentionally injected into the lecture material, retention of the information is as much as 18 percent greater

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