Celebrity Comics Babble Book Review

This is a Book Review for Celebrity Comics Babble A Romp Through a Red Carpet Line-up of Interviews compiled by Marry Ann Pierro. You can also check out other book reviews on Humor That Works or see our recommendations in our Humor Resources.

Book Synopsis

A collection of unique interviews with an unrivaled line-up of over thirty of the word’s foremost performers and comedians. With humor, in their own words, comedic stars are honest, informative, inspiring and entertaining as they share their passion, motivation, beginnings, industry insight, the secrets to their success and behind the laughter.

My Thoughts

I always find it fascinating to hear from people who have been successful at something I’m interested in. Celebrity Comics Babble is a compilation of  thoughts, memories and tips from stand-up comedians culled from interviews from Comic Bible Magazine, a quarterly magazine dedicated to all things comedy.

The book is similar to Comic Insights, but not quite as structured. This is more of a collection of interviews, and if there was a rhyme or reason to the order of the comics I didn’t quite pick up on it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just more of a smorgasbord of various tips and interesting stories from the world of (mostly stand-up) comedy.

As a side note, the Comic Bible Magazine is a different story. It’s more structured and has an incredible wealth of information in it. The last issue I read (Volume 4, Issue 1) had 136 pages (8.5 x 11) worth of great information–from articles written by touring comedians to Q&A with agents to venues in various cities, it covered about everything you might want to know as a stand-up comedian.

My Favorite Part

My favorite interview from Celebrity Comics Babble came from Dom Irrera because it was full of great insights, such as:

“To me, stand-up is like sports. You don’t stay the same, you either get better or worse.” (page 31)

“You can’t not be a comedian once you are a comedian.” (page 31)

“I try to write the date down every day! I’ll just sit there for twenty minutes, if something happens it does but at least you put the time in.” (page 35)

The Bottom-Line

If you’re interested in hearing directly from comedians about how they got started or what they think helps, Celebrity Comics Babble can be a quick read to help you out. If you’re currently a stand-up comedian and you’re looking for a great resource, check out the Comic Bible Magazine.

Rating (out of 5): :-) :-) :-)

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