Corporate Storytelling, An Interview with Paul Smith


Ever wonder what separates good leaders from great leaders? According to Paul Smith, one key skill of great leaders is the ability to tell a story. I sat down with Paul Smith, author of Lead with a Story, to talk about the value of corporate storytelling and how people can get started.

Here’s the full interview, find highlights after the jump, or read the interview transcript.


  • Why Lead with a Story? (1:05)
  • The benefits of corporate storytelling. (6:55)
  • Humor in stories. (10:50)
  • Paul’s favorite story to tell. (15:37)
  • Paul’s next book. (23:10)

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You can also read the transcription of the interview at …

Note: This is the sixth Humor Talks interview, a series with some of today’s thought leaders on the topic of humor in the workplace.  You can sign-up for the Humor Newsletter to stay up-to-date with new interviews.

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