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The following are books available published by Humor That Works:

Humor That Works: 501 Ways to Use Humor to Beat Stress, Increase Productivity, and Have Fun at Work.

humor that works front coverWant to get started using humor in the workplace but don’t know how? Pick up 501 ways to use humor to improve communication, build relationships, enhance problem solving, increase productivity, and strategically disengage.

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Humor That Works: Why You Should Use Humor and How to Get Started (Alpha)

humor that works ebookNot sure why you should care about humor in the workplace? Download our free ebook to find 10 reasons you (yes, YOU) should use humor at work. (And we’re talking real business reasons like making more money.)

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50 Quotations Series

Looking to be inspired? Pick up one of our books on 50 quotations. Topics include humor, laughter, and happiness.