A Literal Book Launch

literal book launch

As you may know, my book, The United States of Laughter, is now available in Print, Kindle, and Audiobook. To celebrate its release, I decided to launch the book out of a catapult. Why? Because why not?  Choosing to Have Fun The process of launching a book is stressful: there are lots of logistics to… Read more


The Launch of the Corporate Humor Awards

We are excited to announce the inaugural year of the Corporate Humor Awards! Every day, billions of people go to work to make a difference, earn a living, and in some cases, actually enjoy what they do. The Corporate Humor Awards are here to celebrate those individuals and organizations that not only deliver a product… Read more


Humor at Work: Compelling Launch for New Application

New York, NY – A co-worker and I were tasked with coming up with a creative way to launch one of the largest global initiatives for our company in our region. After some thoughtful brainstorming, mostly centered on your typical launch ideas, she came up with a brilliant idea–tying the launch to the cockpit concept… Read more