Mandatory Fun Isn’t Fun (Here’s What to Do Instead)

Mandatory fun is something we’ve all experienced at work.  Although it usually starts out with honorable intentions, research shows that mandatory fun can be quite, well, unfun. Research from Barbara Plester and Kerr Inkson’s book Laugh out Loud – A User’s Guide to Workplace Humor suggests that overly-curated events can be less fun and intimidating… Read more


5 Things a Corporate MC Needs to Know

So you’ve got tapped to be the corporate MC for an event (or perhaps a wedding or conference). What do you need to know in order to be successful? 5 Things a Corporate MC Needs to Know Every successful MC will know these five things: #1. Know Your Role The role of a corporate MC… Read more


The Job of an MC

A corporate MC (or emcee / master of ceremonies) plays a crucial role in the success of any corporate event. They help to represent the conference or event as a whole, while keeping the show on schedule and keeping the audience engaged. Whether an MC is a professional or just one of the more gregarious… Read more