2014 Corporate Humor Award Winners

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Congratulations to the 2014 Corporate Humor Award Winners! Check out the winners below, see the Full List to learn why each organization and individual was nominated, and review the humor committee members. Note: The winner is shown (with other finalists) in bold.

Organization Corporate Humor Awards

Humorous Beginnings Award (Best Onboarding Program)

Finalists: MasterCard, Netflix, Valve
Winner: Netflix

John: You can’t have a better beginning to your career than an informal meeting with the CEO.


Learned Me Good Award (Best Training Event)

Finalists: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Gables Residential, Kiewit
Winner: Kiewit

Jill: I have to admit that, being a cowgirl at heart, I was influenced by the rodeo. What a creative and exciting way to reward employees for acquiring these new skills and being able to ride that “bull” machinery!


A Site to See Award (Best Website)

Finalists: Black Acre Brewing, Kit Kat, Woot.com
Winner: Woot.com

Heidi: Like the playfulness of concepts at Woot and creativity in “if you haven’t seen it since yesterday” – provides a sense of needing to return often.


Money Isn’t Everything Award  (Best Perk)

Finalists: Double Encore, Frederick County Bank, Medallia
Winner: Double Encoure

Avish: It sounds the most fun and I like that it is a bit optional so you’re not being forced to do things. Let each person participate at their pace.


Better Recognize Award (Best Recognition Program)

Finalists: Frederick County Bank, Globoforce, Hilcorp Energy
Winner: Hilcorp Energy

Andrew: What makes their recognition program truly special is that the rewards are customized to the recipient. It follows the platinum rule that it’s best to treat people the way they want to be treated and shows that the managers really care about the person doing the job, not just the job itself.


The Most Humorous Company Award (Best Corporate Culture)

Finalists: DPR Construction, Frederick County Bank, Gorilla Glue
Winner: DPR Construction

Jill: You don’t often think of construction companies as having a sense of humor. I loved the idea of the Celebrate This party to celebrate whatever the occasion called for.


Individual Corporate Humor Awards

Always Mark as Read Award (Best Email)

Finalists: “Captain Mike”, Dan Lewis, Mandi Runkles
Winner: Mandi Runkles

Julie Ann: Do I really need to explain my choice of someone who utilizes National Humor month to educate the masses?


Let the Man/Woman Speak Award (Best Presentation)

Finalists: Kelly McGonical, Gavin McMahon, Christopher Pruijsen
Winner: Gavin McMahon

Andrew: The simple yet dynamic design of each slide makes the already great content even more engaging. A great example of how the look of slides can help improve the material.


Hollywood Bound Award (Best Video)

Finalists: Katz Americas Marketing Department, Lauris Beinerts, Tripp and Tyler
Winner: Tripp and Tyler

John: This video is great because it is a series of short examples that are all funny and really well done.


Gather Around and Listen Award (Best Story)

Finalists: Jackie Chan, A Greenster, Chris Hadfield
Winner: A Greenster

Julie Ann: Short sweet to the point and I could just see the supervisor and his face. Wish I had a sculpture.


And We’re Still Friends Award (Best Prank)

Finalists: Greg Benson, Improv Everywhere, Swiftkey Team
Winner: Greg Benson

Heidi: This literally made me LOL and I look forward to sharing it. Again, something we can all relate to and it makes a great point.


The Most Humorous Individual Award (Best Humorist)

Finalists: Johnny Barnes, Liysa Callsen, Kathy Keaton
Winner: Kathy Keaton

Avish: I like how she uses humor in the most stressful, difficult times to help people.


Custom Awards

These awards were created, with winners selected by, the nominators.

Best Re-Allocation of Room Designations Award

Winner: Beth Slazak

Best Surreptitious Selfies at Others Non Expense

Winner: Danette Pawlowski

To see all of the winning entries and finalists, download the 2014 award finalists.


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