501 Ways List of Shortened URLs

Welcome to the list of shortened URLs from Humor That Works: 501 Ways to Use Humor to Beat Stress, Increase Productivity, and Have Fun at Work.

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Here are all of the links from the book, ordered by page number.

iiCorporate Entertainment Offerings (htww.co/joker)
iiExample Shortened URL (htww.co/example)
4Humor That Works Site Survey (htww.co/survey)
ivHumor That Works Consulting (htww.co/consulting)
3Humor That Works Future Book (htww.co/futurebook)
29Humor Power Newsletter (htww.co/humorpower)
38Dance Leadership Video (htww.co/danceleadership)
39Coveys Big Rocks Demo (htww.co/bigrocks)
42About the Humorist (htww.co/aboutthehumorist)
44Simon Says Instructions (htww.co/simonsays)
44Interactive Exercises (htww.co/exercises)
46The More You Know Video (htww.co/moreyouknow)
52Examples of Typography Art (htww.co/typographyart)
58Secret Page (Shhhh!) (htww.co/secretbookpage)
6950 Questions to Get to Know Someone (htww.co/50q)
70Telephone Pictionary Instructions (htww.co/telepict)
71List of Improv Games (htww.co/improv)
72Zombie Tag Video (htww.co/zombietag)
83Duct Tape Fashion (htww.co/duct)
87Bring Your X to Work (htww.co/xtowork)
93Simpson’s Avatar Maker (htww.co/simpsons)
93Disney Princess Quiz (htww.co/princess)
94Best Secret Handshakes (htww.co/handshakes)
99Mafia (Game) Instructions (htww.co/mobgames)
105Computer Shortcuts You Can Use for Evil (htww.co/prankkeys)
107Mentos Commercial (htww.co/mentos)
118Wordstorm (htww.co/wordstorm)
120Six Thinking Hats (htww.co/debono)
121Best Onion Headlines (htww.co/onion)
127Biomimicry Examples (htww.co/biomimicry)
144Kids Games Adapted to the Corporate World (htww.co/kidgames)
153Book Statistics (htww.co/bookstats)
154Mindmaping (htww.co/mindmap)
157Newspaper Blackout (htww.co/blackout)
158The Best Remixes (htww.co/remix)
174Stunning Desktop Backgrounds (htww.co/backgronds)
174Motivational Posters (htww.co/motivate)
174Demotivational Posters (htww.co/demotivate)
178Gamification (htww.co/gamify)
186Podcast Recommendations (htww.co/podcasts)
189King Tutorials (htww.co/kingtuts)
192Lunch Bag Art (htww.co/paperbag)
208Best Buy Whistles (htww.co/whistle)
209Corporate Buzzwords (htww.co/buzzwords)
212Human Performance Institute (htww.co/hpi)
216Unusual Holidays (htww.co/holidays)
218Energizers (htww.co/energizers)
224#drewtarvintweets (htww.co/tweets)
225Arctic Tern from Colin Mochrie (htww.co/arctic)
237Self Massage Exercises (htww.co/selfmassage)
238Stretching Exercises (htww.co/stretching)
242Newsletters You Should Subscribe To (htww.co/newsletters)
244How to Solve a Rubiks Cube (htww.co/rubiks)
245How to Make a Paper Crane (htww.co/crane)
245Stereograms (htww.co/stereogram)
246Typing Test Games (htww.co/typing)
249The Benefits of Meditation (htww.co/meditate)
253The Playfair Newsletter (htww.co/weinstein)
253How to Make a Paper Football (htww.co/paperfootball)
254How to Make a Paper Fortune Teller (htww.co/fortuneteller)
254Office Supply Art (htww.co/officesupplyart)
256Guess Who (htww.co/guesswho)
258Funny Office Humor Signs (htww.co/funnysigns)
263Submit Your Own Humor Idea (htww.co/submit)
271Sources (htww.co/sources)