The Comedy Experience, An Interview with Peppercomm


Imagine you walk into a training at work only to find out that sometime within the next few hours you’re going to perform stand-up comedy. I sat down with the guys at Peppercomm who are leading trainings just like that and talked with them about the benefits of such a program and what you can expect to learn.

Here’s the full interview, find highlights after the jump, or read the interview transcript.


  • What is the Comedy Experience? (1:31)
  • The benefits of employees doing stand-up comedy. (6:02)
  • The physiological effects of laughter. (10:36)
  • What Med School didn’t teach doctors. (16:58)
  • Exaggeration, Act-outs, Callbacks. (21:45)

For more, check out:

You can also read the transcription of the interview at The Comedy Experience from Peppercomm.

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