Hospital Humor… An Interview with Sally Franz


What would you do if you suddenly became paralyzed from the waist down?  Well, if you’re Sally Franz, you write a book about the experience.  I sat down with the Scrambled Leggs author to talk to her about her book and how she uses humor as means to an end.  What end?  Listen and find out.

Sally Franz

You can listen to the interview below:


Highlights include:

  • What Scrambled Leggs is about (0:56)
  • What an ocean liner, ice skates and wheelchair have in common (3:45)
  • How the Greeks used humor (12:16)
  • Humor for pain management (16:30)
  • A list of things you love (20:27)
  • Choosing what makes you happy (23:47)

For more, check out:

I’ve transcribed the interview for those who prefer reading to listening (note: it has been edited for clarity).  You can find the transcription at Hospital Humor from Scrambled Leggs.

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