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Just ordered our copy of #HumorThatWorks by @drewtarvin to make our office more productive with humor. Excited to learn how humor improves business. Congrats to @HumorThatWorks!

To celebrate #NationalHumorMonth, I decided to pick up #HumorThatWorks by @drewtarvin. Looking forward to learning how to bring more fun into my workplace.


I'm excited to share that my friend Drew Tarvin has a new book out today! It's all about how to get better results at work by using the "missing skill" of humor. Check it out!

You know how some people love what they do? My friend Drew Tarvin wrote a book about how we can all learn to enjoy our jobs a little more while also doing better work. You can pick it up at


My friend Andrew Tarvin has a new book out today. #HumorThatWorks teaches people how to get better results while having more fun. Be ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even groan at a few of the puns it sneaks in there. Check it out at

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