What Will Be Your Story?


Sometimes, when we’re first introducing ourselves to someone, they ask “what’s your story?” And then we proceed to tell them a little bit about our background, or why we’re at the current event, or perhaps we’ll sidestep the question with a joke response like “Part Tale of Two Cities, part Charlotte’s Web.”

But say you’re on your death bed after you’ve lived your life and someone asked you that question, “what’s your story?” What will be your response? Or better yet, what do you want it to be? Because you are writing your story right now. The people in your life are the other characters, the decisions you make are the plot-line, the growth you make is your personal character development. And by the end of the book, you will have told a story. The question is, will you have told the story you wanted to?

Here’s the beauty of our lives: we are our own authors. And unlike works of fiction, no one will care if you decide to change your story completely, right now. Leverage what you’ve written in the past, but decide what your story will be, and start writing.

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