The Power to Unplug


I went to Cape Cod, MA this past weekend for a wedding and a short vacation from my obligations in New York. Foolishly (or so I thought), I left my phone charger in my apartment and soon realized my phone was not going to last the duration of the weekend.

As it turns out, this “mistake” was actually exactly what I needed to relax. I couldn’t constantly check my email, Twitter went a few days without an update, and anything unrelated to the wedding or my relaxation was put on hold until I returned to the city–and surprisingly the world didn’t self-destruct because I was disconnected. I was OK in an absolute emergency since I could turn my phone on to use the remaining 20% battery, but I had to be frugal with how often I really had to connect to my everyday life. I found the answer was not very often.

So if you really want to disconnect for a weekend, leave your charger at home. You won’t have the power to recharge your phone, but you will have the power to unplug.

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