The Baby Treatment


I was standing in the elevator the other day when a mother got in with a 2 year old in a stroller. On the next floor, a businessman stepped in, looked up from his Blackberry, made eye contact with the child and smiled.

He then proceeded to engage in small talk (pun intended) with the kid, going so far as to ask him his name and age. This whole time, the man barely even acknowledged the mother.

My question is–why are babies the only ones that receive this special treatment? Why are we so willing to make eye contact with, smile at, and talk to kids but not adults? What would it be like to step into the elevator and do the same thing with an adult?

The next time you are on an elevator, or standing in line, or stuck at the airport with other adults, give them the baby treatment (goo goo gah gah optional). Then maybe we’ll all be on our way to enjoying the world as children do.

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