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I recently came across an old picture of me in my North Sycamore baseball uniform and it reminded me of the years I spent playing baseball. I wasn’t bad, but also not that good. It’s hard to do well in baseball when you’re scared of the ball whenever you go to bat.

As I think about it more, the term “home” (as in homeplate) is quite a fitting analogy for life and how we can become at “home” with ourselves.

When you stand at home to bat (or “live” in this metaphor), you’ll have people who are there to help you (base coaches), people who may distract you (the catcher), authority figures (umpires) and casual observers (fans). But most importantly, you’ll also have someone hurling opportunities at you. Fast, frightening opportunities. And while those opportunities may be scary, and there is a chance some will hurt, they’re also something for you to take advantage of.

Not every opportunity is right for you (it may be out of the strikezone). You don’t have to hit a homerun with every single one–a single or double is great. And even if you don’t get a hit at every at-bat, you know that more opportunities will come–either in the same at-bat or on another day.

And if you fail? Don’t worry, it’s par for the course. Heck, if you’re able to take advantage of even one out of four of your at-bats in life you can be in the Major Leagues.

Now here’s the scariest part. In order to really succeed, every now and then, you have to leave home. You have to go on a journey around the diamond. But the good news is that you’ll back, and when you return safe at home, you’ll be better than when you left.

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  • LuAnn March 29, 2011, 5:39 pm

    I love this analogy and I am not even a baseball fan. It makes a lot of sense!

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