Nostalgia for Inspiration


I traveled to my alma mater, The Ohio State University, this past weekend for The 8th Floor Improv‘s annual alumni show.  Going back to ground zero of my comedy career and meeting with my fellow alums and current members was amazingly fun and incredibly inspirational.

Sometimes going back and remembering the successes we’ve had in the past can be the inspiration and motivation we need for succeeding in the future.  Those positive memories remind us that all the hard work, long hours and stressful moments are worth it–they lead to the moments that we never forget and will reminisce about for years.

So if you’re in need of some inspiration, get nostalgic.  Think back to some of your first wins in whatever it is your doing and how it felt to achieve them.  Then pick up the hustle so you can create more memories to come back to.

Thanks 8th Floor for the boost.

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