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A reader sent me a link to this fun post titled Peter Pan Professions: 50 Fun Jobs That Don’t Require You to Grow Up. The list contains some interesting professions that aren’t your typical 9-5: ice cream tester, card dealer, stunt driver, hobo, etc.

Of course the important thing to keep in mind is that any of these jobs could be amazingly fun… or they could suck terribly.  Whether or not a job is fun is more about you, your attitude and what you do about your work environment than what the job responsibilities are.  Sure the role itself can help–a clown is naturally going to have more laughter in his job, but that doesn’t mean the person behind the red nose can’t be miserable.

So whether you’re a project manager or a stunt person, it’s up to you to make your work more enjoyable.  To get started, check out the How-To Humor for ways to incorporate more humor at work.

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