FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out


The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is the fear that you are missing out on something more exciting than what you’re currently doing right now. And while it can be a debilitating phobia, I don’t think it’s entirely a bad thing.

In fact, I want a tinge of FOMO in my life. I want to attend conferences where there are so many great breakout sessions I have difficulty picking one, fearing I might miss out on one that’s great. I want the possibility of having two awesome, conflicting, experiences on my calendar that I can only choose one of, fearing the other one will also be fun. I want to have to decide whether I fill my stomach with a delicious cookies & cream milkshake or a delicious chocoloate peanut-butter milkshake, knowing that the other one would have been equally scrumptious.

Because, to me, it’s better than the alternative. It’s better than going to a conference where’s there is only one mediocre presentation. It’s better than only having one “kinda” cool thing on your calendar. It’s better than not having a milkshake at all.

I want the life where so much awesomeness is happening that I have difficulty choosing what to do next, not that’s so boring that the answer is obvious. Don’t you? What great things can you set up in your life that create a little FOMO?

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