What I Learned on the Internet, Unemployment Edition


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With the current unemployment rate sitting at over 9%, nearly 1 in 10 people are in need of a job.  Here are some great tips and tricks for getting back into the workforce (or at least taking advantage of the extra time you have).

Note: This is part of the What I Learned on the Internet Series.

  1. Stay Positive – Even though being laid off can suck, it’s important to stay positive through a layoff and focus on what you can do once the dust has settled.
  2. Get Inspired – Economic downturns don’t mean that nothing can survive.  Look to some successful brands that launched during downturns form inspiration.
  3. Find Out How Much You Need – When looking for a new job, it’s important to understand exactly what you need to survive.  The Living Wage Calculator can help you figure out averages in your region to know what you need to shoot for.
  4. Improve Yourself – Don’t just sit around hoping to find something–make yourself more marketable so you can become more competitive in the field of applicants.
  5. Find Your Niche – Getting laid off can be an opportunity to make a change in your career–learn your color to find the career for you.
  6. Work For Yourself – While searching for a job, you might find it an ideal time to start that business you’ve always dreamt about.  If you’re stable enough to go that route, make sure you know the essential tools for starting up your side business.

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