What I Learned on the Internet, Presentations Edition


projectorLearning how to deliver effective presentations is absolutely critical to be successful in today’s corporate world.   Here are some articles from around the web that can help make your next presentation the best it can be.

Note: This is part of the What I Learned on the Internet Series.

  1. Make the Boring Stuff Fun – Experience Designer Adam StJohn Lawrence shares how to make the seemingly boring parts of a presentation more entertaining and engaging for the audience.
  2. Rip a Phonebook in Half – This metacafe video shows how to rip a phonebook in half, a unique trick to do to highlight a point such as “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” or “knowledge is more important than power.”
  3. Respect and Love – Seth Godin explains the two elements that make a great presenter.
  4. Why You Should Tell Stories – Tim Sheppard describes how and why you should tell a story in your presentations.
  5. Office 2007 SmartArt – The Online Tech Tips websites explains how to spruce up your presentations and documents using Office 2007 SmartArt.
  6. Learn from the Best – slideshare provides a huge list of presentations that you can use for inspiration when creating your own slide deck.
  7. Be a Presence – Ralph Jean Paul details the importance of being a presence in any room, especially important when you’re the presenter.

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