What I Learned on the Internet, Language Edition


flagsAs companies continue to globalize, it’s becoming increasingly more important to be able to communicate across culture and language gaps. Here are a list of resources that can help you bridge that gap.

Note: This is part of the What I Learned on the Internet Series.

  1. Picture the Words – Pete Lidwell shares a great tip on using Google Images whenever you get stuck looking for the right word in another language.
  2. Stay Current – Website Newseum can help you understand what is happening in your co-workers country with its interactive map of front pages of newspapers from all over the world.
  3. Learn the Lanugage – The Open Culture website rounds up the best free resources for learning a new language.
  4. Practice the Language – Busuu.com will help you practice speaking and writing to help you learn a new language.
  5. Know the Names – Public Profiler provides a nice webapp that will map the popularity of surnames all over the world.
  6. See Exactly Where They Are – Vic Gundota explains how to use Google Latitude to show exactly where you and your contacts are located on a map.
  7. Learn the Culture – Website Every Culture lists the history, culture, and much more of almost every country in the world.
  8. Translate Your Search – Google Translate offers the ability to search for terms in websites written in another language, automatically translating them for your reading pleasure.

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