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Note: This is a post recapping my key takeaways from Internet Week 2013. For more, check out this post: What I Learned from Internet Week 2013.

In this panel discussion moderated by What’s Your System’s Margit Detweiler , Gretchen Rubin of the The Happiness Project shares some of her productivity techniques.

5 Productivity Tips from Gretchen Rubin

  1. Force a “Do Nothing” Alternative: “When I’m working on writing (like a book), I go to the library with the internet off so I can focus. It’s the “Do Nothing” alternative. Working is the most dangerous form of procrastination. I can either sit and do nothing or write.”
  2. Find what works for you. “I tried the writing first thing in the morning but it didn’t work for me. Become aware of how you work and how well you do. Then ask yourself why you were more productive on certain days or in certain environments.”
  3. Learn to say (and be OK with hearing) “No.” Yes comes right away, no never comes. If people want you then they tell you right away, if the answer is no they may never send anything. You also don’t have a moral obligation to answer everyone’s question.”
  4. Know when to quit (for the day). “I think it’s important to give yourself a quitting time. I also do a lot of work reading and it’s probably the most important thing that I do.”
  5. Create habits for must-do tasks. “Create a habit for something that you don’t like to do by saying ‘I always do it on X date’ or ‘at X time.’ Put it in the positive frame that you will do it.”

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