IWNY13: The Power of Face-to-Face Events in a Digital World


Note: This is a post recapping my key takeaways from Internet Week 2013. For more, check out this post: What I Learned from Internet Week 2013.

In this classroom discussion, David Adler of BizBash shares the value of in-person events in a digital world.

5 Tips on Event Planning from David Adler

  1. Give people an excuse to interact. At events, people just need permission to talk to each other.
  2. Think interaction, not lecture. Event planners are programmers of interaction.
  3. Encourage people to take action. The power of “Let’s” — Let’s get together, let’s get lunch, etc.
  4. Go physical, not digital. Trust is experienced with the body and it’s very difficult to create without face-to-face.
  5. Build trust. Touch has been associated with metrics of higher performance.

Check out more of my learnings from Internet Week or find out more about BizBash.

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